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EPISODE is made by SK D&D and various friends. From basic things such as noise, hygiene, and security that a living space should have, furthermore, we build a separate space or a space where we can be together, choose furniture for urban residents who want to have "my -style" rooms even if they are small,
create services that will bring peace of mind, connect the links between neighbors, and think about something to enrich their daily lives. I'll be waiting for your EPISODE to fill this place with the necessary things for a better urban life.



People live alone or together eating, drinking, thinking, and talking. EPISODE provides living space and cultural experiences for those living in the city as a 'living' house, not just a house where they stay.
Where my story and neighbor's story meet and make a life series that we look forward to every moment. If you're curious about the new stories of our lives that fill each other's time and daily lives with various things, please come to see EPISODE now!




It's a new living and life world where you can open up and share each other's lives while keeping your own living space private. Living in an EPISODE is to experience and feel free from the concept of owning a house and create your own life story.
The stories and values of different ‘me’ and a unique ‘me’ come togetherr to make stories of everyone, and it becomes a series of life that we look forward to every moment."

Contact us about partnership : episode@sk.com


  • 2022 Red Dot Design Award - 'Interior Design, Winner'
  • 2022 Red Dot Design Award - 'App Design, Winner'
  • 2022 Golden Scale Best Design Award - 'Client Winner'
  • 2022 Korea Design Award - 'Creative Value Company'
  • 2022 FRAME Awards - 'Co-Living Complex of the Year'
  • 2022 INNOVATION BY DESIGN Awards - 'Space and Places, Winner'
  • 2021 iF Awrads - Communication Design 'Corporate Identity, Winner'
  • 2021 iF Awrads - Communication Design Category 'Branding, Winner'
  • 2021 A' Design Awards & Competition - Graphic Communication category 'Bronze'
  • 2021 German Design Award - Brand Identity 'Special Mention'
  • 2022 Pearl Awards - Best Overall Content Program 'Silver'
  • 2022 MarCom Awards - Integrated Marketing Category 'Platinum'
  • 2022 MarCom Awards - Collaboration Category 'Platinum'
  • 2021 Serviced Apartment Awards - 'Best Coliving Development'
  • 2021 A.N.D. Award - Digital Media & Service Convenience in life Living 'Grand Prix'
  • 2021 Coliving Awards - 'Best Operator of the Year Category'
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